On the island with the 100 beaches the activities you can enjoy are hiking, diving and canoeing. Apart from swimming on the blue beaches of Kythnos, don’t forget to experience at least one of the following activities…


Exercise, fresh air and contact with nature are meant to be experienced if you choose hiking during your stay in beautiful Kythnos. Discover the routes of Kythnos and find the one that is most suitable for your tastes and endurance.

Scuba diving

The fascinating bottom of Kythnos is waiting for you to explore it all, with full equipment, security and the help of experts. If you are a lover of the seabed, make this gift to yourself and those you love and spend unforgettable moments under the surface of the sea.

Kano – Kayak

Another great option if you belong to the category of people who are looking for special activities on their vacation. Be enchanted by the aura of the Aegean and let the Cycladic spirit permeate you in every touch with the sea.

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