EmGard Suites

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A dream of many years came true


Welcome to Kythnos and

EmGard Suites!

With a lot of passion and respect for the environment, a dream of many years was created at the highest point of Merichas. It would be our great pleasure and honor to tell you a short story about how EmGard Suites was built there.
Mr. Manolis is a man with a warm heart, compassion and beautiful memories from the island of Kythnos. Since his childhood he used to visit this place above Merichas, as there were fields and animals, which he took care of along with his grandfather. As the days, months, years passed, he loved this place even more and was always dreaming of having his own house there, so that every day he could reminisce about his childhood moments and be in peace with the views and aromas of nature.
The years passed and Mr. Manolis was thinking how to fulfill this desire to build his house. Until the dream came true in 2020 and he managed to create these luxurious cave buildings, where not only himself will stay at, but also as many guests as possi- ble, in order to enjoy what he considers of happiness in life.
Today, under the name EmGard, it calls the marriage of natural and modern place, which promises to offer authentic moments to its visitors.
Hope to meet you!